Anomaly 42

The relationship with Worldwide Applications has enabled us to develop a unique solution to the big data question, and their ability to think outside the box when solving issues has meant that we have an innovative solution that provides us with a distinctive business advantage.

– Mark Jones,
Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist, Anomaly42

Anomaly 42

WWA provide innovative, sustainable, and practical solutions for global tech companies.

– Doug Brown,
Co-Founder and Chief Adoption Officer, Anomaly42

Fusion Experience

WW-Apps provide both high-reliability components and first-rate support - on both of which we continue to base a growing proportion of our end–customer solutions.

– Steve Brown,
Chief Technology Officer, Fusion Experience

Weddings Unzipped

It is not every day that one has an opportunity to work with an innovative and talented development team who are focused on creating a lasting and memorable experience for their clients. Their appetite to ensure excellence and workable solutions despite our bespoke and complicated software has been the primary reason why after three years we have remained their loyal supporters.

– Adv. Frank Stanley,
Founder and Managing Director, Vavispace and WeddingsUnzipped


WWA is a professional software development company with vast knowledge and experience. They have approached solutions with the most cutting edge, and state-of-the-art technologies and ideas. There service to customers are unmatched in the industry, committing to excellence and timely product delivery, way above expectations!

– Rico Roos,
Marketing Director, VehicleSoft (Pty) Ltd


Worldwide Applications design and deliver world-class software solutions for businesses and organisations. In developing FutureFinder for the Institute of Futurology, the online system they created far exceeded our expectations in its user-interface and back-end operation. On top of that, they’re great to work with.

– Michael Lee,
Founder, Institute of Futurology (www.futurology.co.za) and author of Codebreaking our Future: deciphering the future’s hidden order and CEO of the ATM Industry Association (www.atmia.com)

Samual Pauw Chartered Accountants (SA)

My experience in working with Worldwide Applications was very much a positive one. They work well in a challenging environment, customizing their approach and solution to fit the unique needs and culture of their customer rather than trying to force a rigid process. Their staff is well trained with broad skill sets in various aspects of Information Technology. They also value the customer's relationship as reflected in the professionalism of their interactions. Under the leadership and guidance of Frikkie van der Merwe and Riaan Liebenberg WW-Apps has grown from strength to strength. I would have no hesitation in recommending Worldwide Applications to potential clients in their target market.

– Prof. Michiel Erasmus,
Founder and President of Erasmus and Associates, External Business Technology Advisor to Worldwide Applications

Samual Pauw Chartered Accountants (SA)

As auditor and tax advisor of Worldwide Applications (Pty) Ltd we have been engaged since 2006 in this win-win relationship, built on mutual trust. We have witnessed the growth of this well administered company from a two-man partnership to an ITC solutions company with international clients. In my experience the company’s directors have always maintained the highest ethical standards and we are looking forward to share in their success.

– Samuel Pauw,
Appointed Auditor to Worldwide Applications, Founder and Managing Director of Samuel Pauw Inc, Chartered Accountants (SA)


Without Worldwide Applications innovative development approach and business assistance, Identi-Masses would not have the quality solution to the child safety of South Africa which we have today.

– Wilma Wilson,
Founder and Director of Identi-Masses

The Golf Portal

Working with the Worldwide Application team we found the creative energy and innovation that we needed to grow our business.

– Gustav Verster,
Founder and Managing Director, The Golf Portal


From the start to the end of the project the WW-Apps team dedicated themselves as if they are launching their own business. Not only are they brilliant software developers, but they are also business minded people who are always trying to improve on the existing and explore the new with out-of-the-box thinking. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with them!

– Mike Dippenaar,
Founder and Managing Director, Communilot